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for well rested employees with young children

well-rested to start the day

Good sleep 

has so many

benefits for

employer and employee.

better sleep for your employee

A lot of parents with young children have sleeping problems. They built a huge sleep debt because their children don't sleep well. And that also affects their performance during the work day.


Sleep deprivation can have a major impact on productivity, concentration, creativity and vitality. Employees call in sick, go home earlier, make more mistakes and are less creative. They are less comfortable and not at ease with themselves.

A child sleep consultant helps parents with young children to get them to sleep better. Which means, the parents can also sleep better again themselves. As a result, they can go to work well-rested!

what is a child sleep consultant?

A child sleep consultant helps parents with young children to teach them to sleep better (again). Some children have been sleeping very well since birth and other children need help with this. Sometimes a few tips and tricks are enough for better sleep and sometimes a custom-made plan is the best option.

Good news: 
Almost all young children can learn to sleep, which benefits the parents sleep!

what does this mean for your company?

A well-rested employee ensures less absenteeism, less mistakes, more creativity, higher productivity and is happier in his or her work. And that is all possible after only 2 weeks!


We work together with the parents, who teach their own children to sleep better (again).


SLEEPCOACHING contains a personalized sleepplan and 2 weeks of daily contact with personal feedback. This ensures more and better sleep for the child and parent!


With a single CONSULTATION the focus is on a personal approach to a specific sleeping problem. This comes without a written sleep plan.


With WORKSHOPS FOR GROUPS we are tackling some of the most common sleep problems and how to solve them. It is also about prevention of sleeping problems by sharing information to promote good sleeping habits. 


Do you have a question or do you like to know what we can do for your company; call or email us!



We were assigned to Marian as part of our company's benefit. Helena started her sleep training at 5.5 months, however she got sick and we had to stop and resume again at 6 months. Marian was really accomodating and patient with us, given that we are new parents and everything is unfamiliar to us. She prepared a clear plan to follow and guided us step-by-step. It was a collaborative work between us and she is very considerate of our preferences and was flexible. She is firm when it need be and celebrated with us on every small progress. After 2 weeks of sleep coaching, Helena has learned to soothe herself to sleep, and has been happily sleeping through the night since then.


Eileen & Josh, daughter 6 months


about us

Hi, we are Marian and Nienke. Certified Child Sleep Consultants and successful in helping families with children who experience sleep problems. As mothers of children who slept really bad, we experienced how valuable sleep coaching can be. Sleep deprivation has a massive impact on your daily life! But did you know that your child truly can sleep better and that you are not in this alone? Together we can work this out, we are happy to help you!



Are you interested in working with us or do you have a question? 


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